Nichols Stitches provides apparel, promotional products and specializes in a variety of customized decorative solutions including embroidery, screen printing, digital decorating with heat transfers, glitter, and rhinestones to help you take an ordinary design and make it extraordinary. 

We can do customized decorations on almost anything: banners, decals, promotional items, apparel, spirit wear, work and school uniforms, jackets, hats, bags, mugs, accessories, and more. View our online catalog filled with a great selection of blank apparel and promotional products for you to choose from to help you market your business, organization or event.


Your satisfaction is so important to us that Nichols Stitches only uses high quality products and apparel for your decorative and customization needs. View our online catalog.

Customer Provided Items

Nichols Stitches reserves the right to use our discretion when accepting garments that are supplied by our customers. Although Nichols Stitches makes every effort to produce flawless work, there is a small margin of error (approximately 3% or less) caused by human error or mechanical failure in the custom decoration process. We do not guarantee the quality of the customization on customer supplied merchandise, and we will not be held responsible for damage to items supplied by the customer. If an exact number of items is needed, the customer should provide 3% overage.  Any unused items will be returned with the completed order. 


The decorative process starts with the selection of a graphic design or logo. Artwork is the key to attaining the most stunning embroidery or printed product.

We support the following file types:  .png, bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, tiff, .pdf, eps, .ai, or .cdr

Formats must be high quality and fully scalable. If necessary, we can digitize or vectorize your artwork for an additional fee.

The better the artwork, the better the design outcome!

Logos and proprietary designs that are copyrighted and/or trademarked belong solely to their owners. Nichols Stitches will not embroider or print a copyrighted or trademarked logo unless you have permission from the company or owner to do so. We accept written letters on the organization’s letterhead or emails from the company that owns the trademark.


Embroidery is the best solution for a professional appearance for apparel for events such as golf tournaments, charity functions, and for personal wear. It is now the decorative choice for most sport shirts, caps, bags, and outerwear.

The embroidery process starts with the selection of a graphic artwork design, logo and the type of lettering to be embroidered on the product and ends with your beautifully customized item.


Embroidery requires special processing to convert artwork into a format that can be read by and embroidery machine and sewn on wearable and other products. Digitizing is a technical and creative process. The conversion from artwork to stitches directs the embroidery machine where each stitch goes, the order the design is sewn, where to stop, trim threads and switching the thread colors.

Digitized files belong to Nichols Stitches as they are part of the work that we do to create a file that is specific to our embroidery machine.

Screen Printing

Screen printing requires making a template or “screen” for your design. To screen print images with more than one color, each color requires a separate screen. Ink is used on the screen to apply the design to the printing surface one color at a time, then the item must go through a dryer to cure the ink.

Promotional Products

Nichols Stitches offers a broad range of products that can be customized to help you market and promote your organization at trade shows, and other events or occasions. We can imprint your logo on employee recognitions, corporate gifts, trade show or event giveaways, and awards.

Digital Heat Transfer Decorating

Nichols Stitches offers several full-color digital printing and heat transfer options.

Digital media allows for high-resolution, full-color graphics to be applied to a wide variety of hard goods such as water bottles, mugs, plaques, awards, cell phone covers, clocks, luggage tags, tiles, and coasters, and soft goods such as cheer bows, rally towels, can coolers, signs, flip-flops, flags, mouse pads, polyester performance apparel and more.


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